Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Let's Talk About Work from Home

Go Corona, Corona Go!

With these chants going viral in India and the sudden rush of work from home happening around me.. The world has changed for the worse in the past one week..

I have been working remotely for the past 4 years, so the 2nd situation is not bothering me much.. The things which keep me sane and productive has been an iterative process, some of which I have shared in this LinkedIn Blog post

Although there are tonnes of people sharing their sudden love (or hate) for working remotely or sharing their home set-ups, it is really difficult to do it in the long run if not planned in the right way..

Working from Home in Covid 19

Blocking my time a day before for the important stuff
: I started this recently, but this has helped me to atleast get the initial work done before my team wakes up from the other part of the worldThese 4 things have kept me going so far:

  1. Keeping a track of time: It’s really easy to flow away in your work and end up working 10 hours straight from your couch without getting up for anything.. Been there, done that.. I use pomodoro technique where i work and take a break every 25 minutes and then roam around the house and come back or check my phone or do something non-work related..

  2. Having a hobby outside of work: I realised this late, but if you are isolated from the world and only your work to accompany you.. After some days/months, the world looks really monotonous.. Keep a hobby which you look forward to outside of work.. For me currently it is reading or running.. It was binging on Netflix earlier, but that can also escalate in to something else pretty quickly!

  3. Go out everyday: Meet a friend, shop for groceries.. Have a social time. Because after a point, you don’t want yourself turning in to a lazy bum on coach on weekdays and weekends!