Sunday, May 24, 2020

Managing Spam email and where it comes from

I have been using my Gmail ID since quite some time now and hence one of the constant nags of having an email address which is old is getting a lot of spam marketing emails from around the world where the source is unknown.

Most of the times you must be wondering: "I did not subscribe to this brand! How did they get my email?"

Managing Spam Emails

Outlook does solve this problem with creating aliases with your same email, so you can have a and a point to the same email and circulate for different purposes. Maybe one for work and one strictly for marketing emails, so you can separate the mess!

With Gmail, Creating an alias is not possible (yet), but there is a workaround which I would like to share with you today. I have been trying to use it since quite a while now and it helps me to figure out from where i get my emails from.

Gmail allows you to set up aliases using '+' signs or '.' sign in your email address.
That means, a and a sends the email to the same inbox. So the next time you sign up for an e-commerce website such as Amazon, you can use your email as OR if you want an email address for investment logins, use

The idea here is to personalize and add the name of the service you subscribe to after the '+' so it helps you to recognize the source of who is selling your email to unknown businesses and also helps you to set filters in Gmail accordingly.

Once you’ve chosen a few aliases, set up filtering within Gmail by going to Settings > Filters.

Then all you need to do is give the appropriate version of your email address to different people and your messages will be filtered and labelled for you when they arrive.