Sunday, June 14, 2020

Happy Father's Day

Being a Father is a challenge!
Being a Father is a gift.
Navigating the sleepless nights,
And the parental shift.

Being a Father, You can't help but think
Am i doing it right?
You need everything to be perfect
But it's not always in sync.

Managing the chaos and yet smiling through it all
Because his Mom has a tougher job than you
And you need to climb that wall.

In all of this, you dream of this one thing,
Being a perfect father,
Being a good friend.
So let your journey begin!

Happy Fathers Day

In the last 3 months, I have been a friend to a colleague, a helper for my wife, A caregiver for my parents but the role which has excited me the most is of being a Father.. For me 'Fathers Day' was yet another westernized concept celebrated in India which started with ordering a flower/gift from a website and showing your father you cared.. 

Although me and my father never had that relationship (we still don't), I have seen my wife and friends do the same thinga with their Dad. 

Growing up, I have seen my Dad being good at only one job. Being the bread winner of  the family. Navigating us mostly as his duty more than anything else..And i think that's where my fascination of being the 'perfect Dad' for my child comes from. 

Being there for him when he needs me,
Always a call away.
Not being Intrusive and yet to be his friend

It is said that your child mimics your qualities as you are the only role model he has till he grows up. So that poses another challenge! 

Being the best version of me for him! 

And that's the most difficult job of it all..

Happy Father's Day to all the new Dads! You will figure it out