About Omkar Mishra


My name is Omkar Mishra. If you are here, you want to know about me! 

Well, that's great.

I have been working in Digital Marketing for close to a decade now and by accident.

I studied Mechanical Engineering and like any Engineering student, realised it just wasn't for me. That was a decision taken without any internet research and information and based on what my surroundings were mostly opting for (my friends and cousins). 

 So when studies weren't the focal point in my college, I turned to something else. Music

I tried to learn a Guitar by myself. I aspired to be in a rock band and tried hard to be in one during college. Thanks to a decent internet penetration in India and Orkut by that time, I was able to self-learn and perform in college festivals and gigs. That desire of owning a better electric guitar lead me to search for work after my engineering degree. 

Social Media came knocking and I joined my first company to start my career as a Social Media Analyst progressing to different domains from social media to SEO and then web analytics & strategy

Currently I am working with Dell Technologies Global Marketing to guide their social media strategy and capabilities. It has been a fun and challenging road so far! 

If you are here to view on what and where I have worked so far, my LinkedIn profile will do a better job at that: