Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The perils of being a 30+ Millenial

You know you are a 30+ Millenial when:

  1. You suddenly realise your parents are mortal. You see them frailing & their hands trembling as they pick up their food plates..
  2. Most of the goals you had set yourself when you started out working and fresh from college are still not fulfilled or have changed completely.
  3. You realised you were naive or a tad bit stupid to think of those goals starting out.
  4. You could drink yourself to sleep, wash your face and be back at work looking as fresh as everyone else, but now 3 beers are enough for you to end your 'party' with friends
  5. You have probably started balding or putting on weight.
  6. More money is now spent on 'staying fit' then 'partying'
  7. Always thinking about 'what would happen if' scenarios playing on your 20+ year moments.
  8. Need your 8 hours of sleep
  9. Prefer a quiet chat at a bar over a loud music lounge with Friends.
  10. You still think of the year 2000 as something which happened 10 years ago..
  11. You realise you are 'old' when a child refers to you as 'Uncle' instead of 'Bhaiyya'
  12. Take care of relationships & family & health & carve out personal time for yourself.
  13. You hope you had started investing in Stocks & Bitcoin 2 years before than you actually did.
While the world thinks of us as someone who might have 'conquered' the professional and personal life decisions..As someone who has 'figured his/her shit out'.

The truth is; We are still vulnerable, we are still evaluating & we will still make mistakes..

And I think that's OK..

We have come a long way, and we are still young!